Mission / Vision

Our mission is to present independent, alternative perspectives that inspire creative solutions for today’s issues. We strive to be a resource of information to enable average people to defend themselves against corporate and governmental powers that might otherwise exploit them.

It is our belief that most people desire peace and when given the tools will move in that direction. Laying the groundwork for meaningful dialogue promotes peaceful solutions to conflicts and issues.

To that end, GVFJ collaborates with other independent media organizations and journalists. We document current affairs and social issues as well as art, culture, and ideas that directly impact all of our lives.

Our topics include the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; U.S. military operations across the globe, especially in the Middle East; the U.S. economy; racism; labor issues; global warming and other environmental issues; and more.

What we do …

– Radio and Private Listening: We produce programs for radio broadcast (contact us for terms and access) as well as distribution via MP3 uploads or on CD.

– Video: We film select events –¬†programs and clips¬†can be seen on our YouTube channel. To request downloads or copies, contact Mansoor.

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